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industrial racking

Internationally published racking standards (EN, SEMA, etc.) recommend annual surveys be undertaken by ‘technically component’ individuals. The annual survey serves as an external audit of the racking safety and suitability for use. Annual surveys form a complement to in-house maintenance protocols as stipulated by the standard being followed.

Annual survey services offered by BMH include Engineer’s Surveys and Non-Compliance Surveys, along with the associated reports. Both consist of an inspector attending the site to undertake a ground level, visual inspection of the racking installation. If the installation had not been previously certified, component measurements and frame elevations will be taken to evaluate the suitability of the frames to support the design loads.

The primary difference between Engineer’s and Non-Compliance Surveys are the level of detail to which these inspections are performed.

Engineer’s Surveys consist of inspecting and measuring a statistically significant number of total locations in the store to gain a general understanding of the condition of the installation. Engineer’s Surveys are recommended for newly built installations or installations with minimal damages.

Non-Compliance Surveys consists of inspecting each pallet location and noting each defect visible at the location. Non-Compliance Surveys are recommended for existing installations with appreciable damages present; these inspections are useful to gauge the number of repairs required and compare to quotes offered by repair contractors.


BMH offers consulting services in the design and evaluation of warehouse storage structures. BMH services include:
BMH areas of expertise include:
Ensuring Safe Racking


industrial racking
BMH offers consulting services in the design and evaluation of existing warehouse storage structures. BMH services include:


Poor installation practices during the erection phase will inevitably impact on the capability of the installation to safely support design working loads (SWLs). Further, poor installation practices can lead to unsafe situations where collapses may occur during installation.

Reduced SWL capacity associated with poor installation practices will lead to a compromise on the safe use of the installation and in extreme cases racking collapse after loading.

BMH has on several occasions observed the difficulty incurred by installation teams to repair a poorly built system – not to mention the costs, loss in productivity, and potentially hazardous situations which result.

BMH places extreme emphasis on ensuring an installation is to standard prior to loading and issuing of an Engineer’s Certificate to protect all parties and ensure a properly working, safe system.
industrial racking


Cantilever Racking
We provide consultation, quality control and certification services of products/components manufactured.

We offer services in determining compliance of manufactured component to allowable tolerances and specifications.

Applicable international standards recommend physical testing in order.


BMH inspection and quality control (QC) services aim to prevent and correct practices and situations which can negatively impact on the safe use of storage structures. BMH QC services are recommended for any installation in the construction phase and/or under repair to ensure the executed work conforms accepted tolerances and specifications as outlined by the standard.
industrial racking


mezzanine floor
Engineer’s Certification provides the end user, manufacturer, and contractor with the assurance that the installation conforms to accepted standards of safety and design. Liability is offered by the signing Engineer’s Professional Indemnity Insurance to the value of the storage equipment certified. Engineer’s Certification will only be supplied once the Engineer is completely satisfied that the structure, or structures, in question strictly adhere to the highest standards of safety and design.



We offer services in the specification, design, and certification of both structural and rack supported mezzanine flooring systems. Additional services include design evaluation of existing mezzanine structures, the specification for required retrofitting, and certification post-retrofitting. Forensic services in instances of a collapse of structural mezzanine services can additionally be supplied.
mezzanine floor
mezzanine floor


BMH has specialist knowledge and experience in the design and specification of cantilever racking systems. Engineer’s Certification of cantilever racking systems specified by BMH or pre-existing can be supplied. Like with all structures newly built systems will need to meet minimum specification and tolerance requirements and pre-existing systems may require retrofitting prior to certification. BMH is suited to supply commentary on the suitability for purpose of cantilever racking systems and propose superior alternative solutions where possible.


Drive-in racking is a fickle beast which is prone to instability and collapse – if not designed properly. Specialist knowledge and exceptionally careful consideration are needed in the design and analysis of these structures.

The team at BMH are well acquainted with drive-in racking systems having designed new, and evaluated existing, drive-in racking structures across sub-Saharan Africa – issuing Engineering Certification to installations suitably designed and installed, or retrofitted.
mezzanine floor

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